Erotic Celebrity Story

Thursday, September 21, 2006

American Indian Sex Vagina

I am not quite sure what it is about him that can just make a girl so hot, so needing, so… aching for a good fuck. I rubbed his cock through his pants and pulled my lips away from his. We were both breathing heavily.

When I have stopped pumping her mouth full of my richness, I push her away and command her to clean me up. "Get that filth off of me!"

"I was your age once, too and I know a boy like that looks at a pretty young girl like you and only thinks about one thing. He sees you as a nice chest in a tight shirt and everything else is out the window."

They watched the actors making love on the screen, and Dan was getting extremely turned on. He felt his cock was going to rip through his pants as Jennifer began to stroke his thigh lightly. His own hand began to move up and down her soft arm, as the smell of her perfume began to take it's toll on his senses. Jennifer responded by cuddling closer, leaning her head on his shoulder.

"Randy will never hit you again," Renee said.

He smiled, "Not at all."

After having listened to his explanations of how the pool pump and filter operated while she undressed, and not being able to really picture what he was describing, Rebecca moved over to where he was working so she could actually look at the machinery he was talking about.

"Ah, the lovely Angel Harding," I thought to myself, as the light lit up her hard features. "What a piece of work she was."

Now that we are divorced, I have learned that I am not a freak and there are a lot of people out there who consider the fantasies I have normal sexual activities. My new boyfriend, Matt is no exception. He and I have even discussed playing with another couple but have never acted on it. The only complaint I have ever had from Matt was one time when I came without telling him ahead of time. He told me I was very bad and promised me some punishment for it. He wanted me to anticipate the punishment so he waited until a week later before he took matters into his own hands so to speak.

"Alright," I answered, "But as soon as it gets too much, we're coming back in here. I'm not going to walk around with a boner all day and not do anything about it. I don't care if she asks us to rent a movie or get a pizza afterward, we aren't doing anything else tonight if we don't come back in here."

A shadow appeared in his vision, was it coming back? Unfortunately, he could not make out details. He instinctively attempted to speak, and found his mouth full, stretched like his body, his jaws wide open. How had he missed that? What other sensations were attacking him? The panic grew.

"I mean it," and I sincerely did, "You are still the prettiest sight on earth."

"What are you saying?" he'd asked with a sinking soul. She couldn't mean what he feared she meant. Not like this. Not on Valentine's Day!

She said: "Do it Tommy! Give it to me baby! Give it all to me! Fuck me! Don't hold back!! Cum in me Tommy! OH god, do it baby! I love you!"

Alex did as she was told, silently closing the door behind her before she sat on a chair placed in front of his desk. She watched as he typed what appeared to be an e-mail, his fingers flying over the keys. She smiled faintly, appreciating the quiet in which they sat. Bending, she rustled through her books to find something to occupy her time as she waited. When she no longer heard him typing, she looked up.